Friday, November 25, 2011

Alter Egos - the many hats of me

My primary role for right now is Mommy to my Munchkin. This is the perfect outfit for a day at home or running errands - leggings, a comfy tunic, and a huge cozy cardi.

Church Member
Another role I fill is as a church member. The perfect black dress and minty accessories make for one of my favorite church outfits ever. And of course the addition of an adorable pair of hands and feet make my day! ;)

Youth Worker

Another role as a church member - I work with youth on Wednesday nights and here is a typical outfit. Comfortable, modest, casual and just stylish enough. ;)


And finally, I am wife to the best man in the world. So every once in a while I don high wedges and a mini skirt for date night with the hubby. ;)

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