Monday, November 28, 2011

Manic Monday

jacket: cato, tee: target, pants & scarf: charlotte russe, shoes: thrifted

There is way too much to be accomplished in the next month and just not enough time to do it in.  We are cleaning and painting Grandma's house and moving. We have already accomplished most of the cleaning and a garage sale. Interrupted by a funeral and a holiday. This next week my sister in law is having surgery on her foot so I have no one to keep the Munchkin which means no painting till the week after. So we'll be packing up our house. Oh, and there will be another family visit this weekend. Not to mention a job hunt in the midst of all the fun. Yikes. Oh, yeah. Christmas shopping. When am I going to get the Christmas shopping done? 

Hope ya'll are ready for a peaceful holiday season.

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