Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eighties Curls

blouse: tj maxx, cords: walmart, shoes: target, bag: thrifted

not actually my house

this is my house
I love the teal and mint together. I rescued these cords from my giveaway box after seeing Jill put together three different cute outfits with mint green cords. I'm thinking I want to try to slim them to skinnies - they are at least six or seven years old and the hems are a little grubby. (Cause I'm a shrimp and they drag on the ground. ;)

This was my first try out with my new hot rollers. I like, but it was a little eighties feeling. What do you think?

We are spending the first part of the week with family now that we are free. I'll try to keep up with the posting, but may be a little light for a little while.

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