Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Boots

cardi & blouse: target, leggings & boots: walmart

the coziest chenille cardi

black suede boots from walmart - $20

and giant cobalt earrings for ........ $1.

So this week's thirfty Thursday is actually from several years ago. I love knee high boots. However it is very rare that I can afford a genuine leather pair and unfortunately they aren't always easily thrifted. I've tried on more than one pair of beautiful leather boots in the thrift store that were perfect. Except for one teeny tiny problem. The inside of the shoe was flaking and falling apart. Ick. I mean that is seriously disgusting, y'all. So, while I still try and have occasionally run across a few cute pairs, my luck isn't all that great when it comes to thrifting boots. (It probably doesn't help that I wear a size 6 and most of the boots are like 8s.) Anyway, my other issue is that I am pretty picky. I cannot stand the cheap fake looking stretch pleather knee boots. In my opinion they are hideous and just look cheap. I hate them. On the other hand I have found that suede can be a little more easily faked without looking quite so cheap. I got these boots at Walmart for the giant price of $20 about four years ago. They are super comfy and slouchy and I usually wear them all winter long. Moral of the story? You can find decent cheap boots if you look. Just stay away from the stretchy pleather ones. Just because you didn't spend a fortune on your clothes doesn't mean that you should look cheap.

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