Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrifting Thursday

I found some awesome stuff at the thrift stores this week! On my fall shopping list are cobalt blue, silk blouses, cute flats, and an army jacket. Here is what I found:

First up: a totally adorable pair of striped flats by Steve Madden. Very comfy and they go with everything. Cost: $4 at Goodwill.

Next I found two great cobalt blue pieces, a silk skirt and a silky blouse. They aren't actually a matched set, not even the same fabric, but the colors are almost identical. And both are fabulous! Can't wait to wear them. :) Cost: $4 and free (buy one blue tag, get one free) at Goodwill.

And finally the army jacket. I wasn't sure I would be able to find one I loved, but it isn't cool enough here yet for a jacket so I knew I had plenty of time. Lo and behold the first one I picked up was a Gap jacket in perfect condition in my size. Fate, y'all. Totally fate. Cost: $6.99 with a 20% discount at Savers.

There you have it folks. My awesome thrifty finds this week. Did you find any awesome deals this week?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work it Wednesday - Red Flats

red flats from payless

with grey jeans and a black tee
with boyfriend capris and stripes

with a denim mini and graphic tee

This week's Work it Wednesday item is my red payless flats. They are super comfy and the perfect shade of red. As you can see, I love wearing them with neutrals to add a pop of color. ;) They are my go to shoes especially in the spring. I'll be pulling them back out to add color for the fall too. :) Can't wait to work them with some other bright colors and of course neutrals for fall. Do you have a great pair of go to red shoes?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go Chic or Go Home

cardi & shoes: target, leggings: walmart, tee: rue 21, belt: forever 21, bag: thrifted

This is one of those super comfy outfits. Leggings and a tunic cardi with an elastic belt. You just don't get any comfier unless you're in jammies. And since I don't wear jammies in public (and really wish other people didn't either), it was perfect for running errands in.

So, what do you think of my first attempt and outside pics? Good, bad, indifferent? There was a nice little breeze blowing my hair around in the second pic. Honestly the outside of my house isn't any more exciting than the inside of my house. Eh. That's life.

Have y'all heard about Go Chic or Go Home yet? It is awesome. You remember Cher's awesome closet in Clueless? This is like a virtual online closet. You upload pics of your clothes, mix and match them into ensembles, then you can label them by season, sleeve length, dressy or casual, if it has been worn or not etc. You can also upload outfit pics. There is a wishlist and tons of shopping options. I have always planned my outfits. I'll look for inspiration then write out my outfit. I have even used spreadsheets with lists of outfits to choose from. I like to do it all at the beginning of the season and then have options for when I can't decide what to wear or don't have time to get creative. This lets me keep up with all of it, but in picture format. I love it! You also can earn points toward gift cards and there are discounts and giveaways available to members. It is members only, so if you want an invite email me and I'll send you one. You can also request an invite directly from the site.

Check it out! Linking up today with Nina from Momma Go Round.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The A - Z of CC

sweater: target, jeans: walmart, shoes & bag: thrifted

Fall colors here I am! Teal, gray and burgundy with a touch of pale rose - perfectly fall. I love this sweater - the color is perfect and the fit is flattering on my busty self. ;)

So, I discovered this cool little A - Z quizzie thing floating around on the internet and I always enjoy posting random odd little things about myself. So here goes.

A. Age: 32 (for a few more months at least)
B. Bed size: Queen - just big enough and comfy enough. Except when the Munchkin climbs in when he isn't feeling good. Then it's kind of a tight fit. :)
C. Chore that you hate: Laundry - it is never ending. No sooner do I get it done and folded and put away than it is all dirty again. Ugh! The stupid dishwasher has the same problem. Ick.
D. Dogs: One, a maltese named Moppet. He's almost 12 now. Poor baby still isn't quite sure what to do with the little dude who has taken his place as the baby of the family. ;)
E. Essential start to your day: Hugs from my little dude and my big dude. Then breakfast. Must have breakfast or mommy turns into a gremlin.
F. Favorite color: Pink. Unabashedly and unashamedly pretty, pale and girly. Always has been, always will be. ;) My childhood bedroom was Strawberry Shortcake! I would happily paint my walls pink, but the hubby won't let me. ;(
G. Gold or Silver: I actually prefer rose gold (favorite color: pink, remember), but I am good with either, it just depends on what I am wearing.
H. Height: 5'2 3/4" but I like to call myself 5'3".
I. Instruments you play: none anymore - played piano in high school, but that was a long time ago.
J. Job title: Stay at mom and wife. 
K. Kids: One little boy - my Munchkin who is three and a truckload of fun and craziness!
L. Live: Arkansas
M. Mother’s name: Cherri (Cheryl Anne - interesting fact - my mother-in-law's name is also Sherrill Ann, just spelled differently)
N. Nicknames: CC is actually a nickname, not my real name. ;)
O. Overnight hospital stays: two: once when I had my tonsils out, and then when I had my little dude.
P. Pet peeves: I am an English major. So obviously the there/their/ they're thing drives me up the wall. Another one is nauseous vs. nauseated. (Quick grammar lesson: you say 'I am nauseated' or 'that is a nauseous shade of green' NOT 'I am nauseous' cause you are then describing yourself as being nauseating.) Also, bored/board or as I keep seeing on FB bord (not. a. word.!!!)
Q. Quote from a movie: You know, for some reason I can never think of a movie quote when asked for one. Strange? Probably. 
R. Right or left handed: Right handed.
S. Siblings: one brother - my baby brother who is a foot taller than me! 
T. Tattoos: I am not crazy about the idea of something being permanently on my person. What happens if I change my mind? Yikes.
U. Underwear: Um, hello, this is the internet. We're not going there, 'kay?
V. Vegetable you hate: I loathe peppers. Are peppers a veggie? Eh, whatever, I hate them regardless.
W. What makes you run late: Usually the Munchkin. It's all his fault. ;) Getting a three year old out the door with all of his stuff and no tantrums with the potty used can take way longer than one would think. He always seems to need to potty as we are walking out the door!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: dental, wrist, sinus - I think that's all.
Y. Yummy food that you make: anything with marinara sauce (I make my own and it is pretty good) - manicotti, spaghetti, lasagna, you name it. If it has cheese, pasta, and marinara sauce I make it. ;)
Z. Zoo animal: River otters. And tigers. And prairie dogs. And the itty bitty monkeys. Let's just say we love the zoo and leave it at that.

So, there you have it. All kinds of random knowledge you probably never wanted to know. Now I would love to know if you do this post. So, if you have done or will do an A to Z post, leave your link in the comments so I can come see. Then we can all have all sorts of random knowledge about all sorts of random people. There. Isn't this fun. ;)

Friday, September 23, 2011

FBFF - Re-Fashion

This week's FBFF is hosted by Elly at Adventures in Refashioning. So, here is my refashioned project.

A necklace, obviously.
Here is the original - $4 on clearance from Sears. I love the color and the weight of the beads, but the style was pretty uncomfortable on the neck.

I love the teardrop anthropologie necklace that has been seen on Kendi and Callandra to name a few. So using that as the inspiration and adding some gold beads and a fabric neck tie, this is what I came up with. Much more comfortable and more of a statement.

with a teal dress for church

with a pink blouse for errands

So, there you have my refashioned necklace. I love it and it's one of a kind. :)
Happy Friday, y'all!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to Shop Your Closet

top: thrifted, leggings: ???, shoes: target, bag: ???

One of my major wish list items for fall is a pair of red jeans. I haven't found a pair in my budget yet, but I discovered these red leggings in my drawer. I have no idea where they are from and I haven't worn them since I had my Munchkin. But they are a really lovely shade of dark red and I thought the effect with the chambray tunic was nice. Add a leopard bag, giant wedges, and a bunch of bangles and you have an outfit. :) 

Happy Thursday, y'all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work it Wednesday - Leopard Belt

My leopard skinny belt - from Forever 21

as a bracelet
with all white and wood accents
with a black dress

I am not sure how I lived for as long as I did without a leopard belt in my closet. It is one of those perfect pieces that makes an outfit. I've worn it way more than three times, but these are my faves. I wore it as a bracelet for the 21 Day Challenge and ended up really liking the effect. The other two outfits are super simple monochromatic looks that are totally made by the addition of the leopard print belt. Love it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cheap and Chic Closet Part 1

I have been seeing some adorable closet re-dos around the blog world lately. And as much as I would love to have an entire room to devote to my clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry, the truth is, it just ain't happening. :) We live in a fairly small rent house and the closets are miniscule. Seriously, people the closet in the master bedroom isn't even five feet wide. So, I've had to get a little creative with my storage solutions. And just because I love you, I thought I'd share. This week, I'm showing off my front closet. Technically it is the coat closet, but it is the biggest closet in the house. Go figure. Anyway, my main closet has double bars all the way across and thus no room for my dresses. So, the dresses and shoes and bags get to live in the coat closet. In my living room. Yep. My entire house is my dressing room. :)

This is the half that is all mine. My dresses are organized by length and then by sleeve length (or lack thereof).  The other half actually has coats and a table and suitcases and a stroller. I am a genius at maximizing space. And yes, the closet door is off. It jumped off the track totally randomly one day and landed on the Munchkin. NOT COOL. So it will remain where it can't jump on people. Thankfully the little dude was more scared that hurt, but mommy pretty much had a heart attack.

Shoes, shoes, shoes - I love shoes!

On the right side I have two shoe holders that hold the majority of my flats, wedges, and heels. And yes, they are indeed organized by color. I'm weird like that. Ideally I would like one more shoe holder, but for the time being this keeps them organized and in sight.

Yes, even more shoes!

Under the shoe racks are my workout shoes in shoe boxes, and two clear plastic bins with my flat sandals and flip flops. My rain boots live way back behind everything. :) 

To the left of my dresses, my cross body bags and a few totes hang from hangers. Not an ideal solution, but workable. I'm looking for a particular kind of shower curtain rings that I can use, but haven't found what I want so far.

And finally above it all is a box on it's side holding tote bags. There is another box of stuff to be stored on top of it. :) Like I said when it comes to closet space, I use it all. Next to that is clear plastic bin with my clutches (most of which haven't seen the light of day since the Munchkin was born).

There you have it my friends. My lovely front closet.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Few Changes

shirt: thrifted, jeans: old navy, shoes: payless, bag: gift

Hello, lovely ladies! You might have noticed a few changes on ye old blog here. I changed the font and added disqus. I wanted to be able to interact a little more with my commenters. I promise I didn't delete your previous comments, they just haven't shown up in the new program. If you know how to fix that, please do tell. :) Also, let me know what you think. Do you like the new font, or does it make it harder to read?

Now, about the clothes - nothing special, just a shirt and jeans, but I like the contrast of the red bag with the pink shirt and of course the extra sparkle from my necklace.

Sorry for the brevity of today's post, but I have been sick all weekend and am still not feeling great. Just a cold, but one of those miserable ones. Ick. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

ps: this is my Real Momma Real Style post for this week!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hair Woes

jacket: walmart, tank, shorts, & shoes: thrifted, bag: ?

Here is black outfit number three. I realize it isn't the most figure flattering silhouette, but I was comfy. I thrifted these shoes fairly recently and I completely love them. They are comfortable, go with everything and are flattering on the leg. Win, win, win. :)

On another note, I seriously need to do something about my hair. It is getting a little out of control. I have very fine, thin hair. Because I don't blow dry and color and heat style it is pretty healthy, but at this point just kind of there. I also end up putting it up a lot. I've been growing it out for a while now and I like it long, but I do need to refresh my layers and probably cut my bangs. Even a ponytail looks more polished and done with bangs. :)  I would also like to go blonder, possibly even really blonde, but the upkeep is a little prohibitive for me. What do you think?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Black and Blue (and bruised all over)

blouse & wedges: target, leggings: Ross

Photobombed! by a Munchkin and his pillow pet :)

cobalt wedges (and cars flip flops)
This is my third black outfit in as many days. (You haven't seen one of them yet.) I don't know why I keep reaching for the black  - I do tend to be an emotional dresser and there is some really crappy stuff going on in our lives right now, so I guess I do know why all the black. Honestly this has been a staple look for me since late high school - an oversize blouse and leggings. With the right accessories it still reads as put-together even though you are basically in jammies.

So, somehow I managed to forget that I owned these gorgeous cobalt wedges until just recently when I re-organized my shoe closet. How is that possible when cobalt is one of those colors that is really speaking to me lately. I wore these a lot while I was gigantically pregnant - they are high but very walkable and no problem straps to restrain swollen ankles.

That's really it for today, folks. We could really use your prayers right now as we deal with some issues. Sorry for the vagueness, but I can't really go into it online. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weight Watching Wednesday

blouse: ?, tank, sandals & bag: thrifted, skirt: target

Have I mentioned how much I love these shoes? They just go with pretty much everything. I wore this last week during our cool spell. It was so nice to be able to layer a little. I am loving a silky shirt with the sleeves rolled up right now. Not sure why, it just feels very cool, casual and fall to me.

So, about a month ago I started my Weight Watching Wednesday series, and then.... life happened. Munchkin got sick, I got sick, there was a holiday, my Shredded dvd went missing, you know. Life. So, here we go again. No change in the scale since that weigh in. I did discover that I simply can't do 1300 calories a day and still function. I was exhausted, headachy and grouchy for the four days that I kept to it. So, instead of messing with a good thing I am going back with what works. Weight Watchers. So this week's goals: 20 points per day and 5 days of workouts.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Workin' My Olive Capris

with a black tee & red flats
with burgundy, yellow and a statement necklace

with red sequins
Here is one of my favorite pairs of pants - olive green capris. They are super comfy and versatile enough to go with everything. I am looking forward to pairing them with cozy sweaters or silky shirts for fall. Which is your favorite look?

Monday, September 12, 2011

LBD Perfection

dress & bag: thrifted, heels: payless

"Me too, Mommy!"

Minty fresh accessories
Hope y'all had an incredible weekend! Ours was lazy and fun - a perfect combination. We slept it and then took the Munchkin to Fun Land - an awesome local park with a bunch of kiddie rides. The kiddo had a ball!

This is what I wore yesterday. I adore this dress. I get a ton of compliments every time I wear it. I should wear it more. It is Jones New York and fits perfectly. I paid a whopping $6 for it at  my local Savers. How cool is that? And this bag? $1.  I fell in love with a minty snakeskin bag from Tiffany last year, it was absolutely stunning. Now, I couldn't even dream of affording such a beauty. Then I found this little bag at Savers. Obviously, it had to come home with me. I love Savers. It makes me happy. :)

Happy Week!
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