Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weight Watching Wednesday

blouse: ?, tank, sandals & bag: thrifted, skirt: target

Have I mentioned how much I love these shoes? They just go with pretty much everything. I wore this last week during our cool spell. It was so nice to be able to layer a little. I am loving a silky shirt with the sleeves rolled up right now. Not sure why, it just feels very cool, casual and fall to me.

So, about a month ago I started my Weight Watching Wednesday series, and then.... life happened. Munchkin got sick, I got sick, there was a holiday, my Shredded dvd went missing, you know. Life. So, here we go again. No change in the scale since that weigh in. I did discover that I simply can't do 1300 calories a day and still function. I was exhausted, headachy and grouchy for the four days that I kept to it. So, instead of messing with a good thing I am going back with what works. Weight Watchers. So this week's goals: 20 points per day and 5 days of workouts.

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