Friday, September 2, 2011

FBFF - Top 5 Fall Trends

My top five fall trends:

William Rast jacket (no longer available)

Leather jackets - these are always in for fall and winter, right. Does anyone actually remember the last time leather bombers weren't 'in'? They are more of a classic than a trend, however I love the look and the way they go with absolutely everything. I have a black one that I love, but I would like one in tan/khaki and pale cream. (Isn't that William Rast jacket dreamy!!!)

leopard belt as a bracelet
fabulous snakeskin sandals

Animal Prints - obviously leopard/cheetah is a classic, not really a trend. However, I already have several leopard pieces that I love and while I will happily add to them as I find things I love in my price range, I am really loving snakeskin and zebra stripes right now. Snakeskin just feels so luxe and zebra is just a great way to do black and white.

Wide-leg, high-waisted jeans - I love this look. On tall skinny girls. On me? We'll have to see how it turns out. To be honest this isn't always a look that can be pulled off by petite, curvy persons like myself. I know it would work out with heels, but I don't wear heels everyday. And rarely with jeans. A shame I know, but that's my life. :)

Colored jeans - I want a pair of red skinny jeans and a pair of coral/ salmon colored ones. After that, maybe some teal ones. I had a pair of teal jeans once. Way back in the early nineties. They were pleated, tapered and about four sizes too big. Cute, right? Ummm....Not so much. Man, I loved those jeans.

Cobalt blue - such a stunningly beautiful shade of blue that surprisingly goes with  pretty much everything. First on the list is a skirt. After that we'll see. Pretty much anything goes.

There you have it, friends. My fall wishlist.


  1. Great fall wishlist! I love my red jeans and cobalt blue midi skirt. It's amazing at how verstaile they are!


  2. Cobalt blue is so gorgeous - hope to see you rock it!


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