Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go Chic or Go Home

cardi & shoes: target, leggings: walmart, tee: rue 21, belt: forever 21, bag: thrifted

This is one of those super comfy outfits. Leggings and a tunic cardi with an elastic belt. You just don't get any comfier unless you're in jammies. And since I don't wear jammies in public (and really wish other people didn't either), it was perfect for running errands in.

So, what do you think of my first attempt and outside pics? Good, bad, indifferent? There was a nice little breeze blowing my hair around in the second pic. Honestly the outside of my house isn't any more exciting than the inside of my house. Eh. That's life.

Have y'all heard about Go Chic or Go Home yet? It is awesome. You remember Cher's awesome closet in Clueless? This is like a virtual online closet. You upload pics of your clothes, mix and match them into ensembles, then you can label them by season, sleeve length, dressy or casual, if it has been worn or not etc. You can also upload outfit pics. There is a wishlist and tons of shopping options. I have always planned my outfits. I'll look for inspiration then write out my outfit. I have even used spreadsheets with lists of outfits to choose from. I like to do it all at the beginning of the season and then have options for when I can't decide what to wear or don't have time to get creative. This lets me keep up with all of it, but in picture format. I love it! You also can earn points toward gift cards and there are discounts and giveaways available to members. It is members only, so if you want an invite email me and I'll send you one. You can also request an invite directly from the site.

Check it out! Linking up today with Nina from Momma Go Round.

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