Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cheap and Chic Closet Part 1

I have been seeing some adorable closet re-dos around the blog world lately. And as much as I would love to have an entire room to devote to my clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry, the truth is, it just ain't happening. :) We live in a fairly small rent house and the closets are miniscule. Seriously, people the closet in the master bedroom isn't even five feet wide. So, I've had to get a little creative with my storage solutions. And just because I love you, I thought I'd share. This week, I'm showing off my front closet. Technically it is the coat closet, but it is the biggest closet in the house. Go figure. Anyway, my main closet has double bars all the way across and thus no room for my dresses. So, the dresses and shoes and bags get to live in the coat closet. In my living room. Yep. My entire house is my dressing room. :)

This is the half that is all mine. My dresses are organized by length and then by sleeve length (or lack thereof).  The other half actually has coats and a table and suitcases and a stroller. I am a genius at maximizing space. And yes, the closet door is off. It jumped off the track totally randomly one day and landed on the Munchkin. NOT COOL. So it will remain where it can't jump on people. Thankfully the little dude was more scared that hurt, but mommy pretty much had a heart attack.

Shoes, shoes, shoes - I love shoes!

On the right side I have two shoe holders that hold the majority of my flats, wedges, and heels. And yes, they are indeed organized by color. I'm weird like that. Ideally I would like one more shoe holder, but for the time being this keeps them organized and in sight.

Yes, even more shoes!

Under the shoe racks are my workout shoes in shoe boxes, and two clear plastic bins with my flat sandals and flip flops. My rain boots live way back behind everything. :) 

To the left of my dresses, my cross body bags and a few totes hang from hangers. Not an ideal solution, but workable. I'm looking for a particular kind of shower curtain rings that I can use, but haven't found what I want so far.

And finally above it all is a box on it's side holding tote bags. There is another box of stuff to be stored on top of it. :) Like I said when it comes to closet space, I use it all. Next to that is clear plastic bin with my clutches (most of which haven't seen the light of day since the Munchkin was born).

There you have it my friends. My lovely front closet.

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