Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kid Style

Hello, lovelies!

What is my child doing? I have no idea, but at least he is adorable while doing so! ;) There are some days when it just kills me how adorable he is. Seriously. I can't stand it. That shirt he is wearing is one of his favorites - it has the Avengers on it. Kiddo loves the Avengers. Most especially Hulk and Iron Man. I figure if I get to wear what makes me happy, he should have the same privilege. Within reason, of course. He seems to enjoy clothes shopping and likes to pick his own stuff. He usually picks out his shirt and I pick out his bottoms to match. ;) For the most part this makes both of us happy. Of course, he pretty much always wants to wear his red shoes, even with his orange school shirt. Which makes me cringe. Now, don't get me wrong, I will put my foot down on behavior issues. I expect obedience when I lay down the law (and he is a really good kid so we rarely have issues there). But I also want him to have the freedom to be himself and learn how to make decisions. So, if wearing red shoes with an orange shirt makes him happy then I will grin and bear it. ;) And just not look at his feet. (I remember not being allowed to pick out my own clothes for years and hating it with all my heart when I had to wear something I didn't like.)

Did you ever have to wear clothes you didn't like? How did it make you feel?

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