Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weight Watching Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

Clearly it is time to get back on my diet. The hips are getting out of control again. ;) Yikes. I did love this outfit and felt reasonably fabulous in it. I mean, come on. Red jeans. Lace. Leopard shoes. How could I not feel fabulous? Right?

Y'all, I have this issue with cooler weather and my weight. Two years ago I lost about 20 pounds doing weight watchers. (In the early spring.) Then last October hubby lost his job, his grandmother passed away, we remodeled her house, moved, and I had an emergency appendectomy. Not a good fall. During the course of all this we ate a ton of fast food, I couldn't exercise, or wear anything that was remotely snug around my waist (due to the appendectomy) and promptly gained back every pound lost. So, in February, I started all over again. I couldn't find my WW stuff, so I started out doing Slim Fast and going to a boot camp class. I lost about 15 pounds. In May, hubby got me a Kindle Fire for Mother's Day (my favorite invention, ever, awesome awesome thing). And I discovered MyFitnessPal. I loved it. And happily lost another 15 pounds or so. While I didn't reach my goal weight, I was pretty pleased with my weight loss and had a ton of stuff going on this summer and so allowed a few extra calories here and there. I've now gained back about 10 pounds and refuse to let it go any further. ;) After all, I got rid of all my too big jeans. I have no choice! ;)

Anybody else out there have problems with their weight? How do you control it? Do tell!

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