Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pretty Pastels

Y'all the day I wore this last week it was 80 degrees outside. So, needless to say, the sweater went right back in the closet after taking pictures. ;) And my top is horribly wrinkled. Sorry about that. I did love the pinks with the mint pants. And it was one of those days were the jewelry just didn't end up happening. Oops. Do y'all ever have days when you just totally forget your jewelry? Once upon a time I felt naked without a pair of earrings, but I'm afraid my mind is just on other things these days. So sometimes I don't even notice that I am not wearing a single accessory until I am looking at the photos. Nice.

In other news, tomorrow is Halloween. In case you were living in under a rock somewhere and missed the pumpkins, costumes and scary stuff everywhere. Kiddo is pretty excited. He is going to be Bumblebee again. (You know, the yellow Transformer.) His choice. I have the suspicion he will be Bumblebee for the next several years. He's pretty crazy about his Transformers.

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