Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 20 - Black and Minty

vest: walmart, maxi: forever 21, shoes: target

So, here we are two thirds of the way through this 30 for 30 and while I still have plenty of outfit ideas and indeed haven't even worn one of my dresses, I am missing the rest of my closet. Primarily my shoes. Next time, I think I would be more likely to choose 25 pieces of clothing and keep my shoes as accessories and therefore fair game. :) 

Not a lot to say about this outfit, which isn't really one of my faves, to be honest. I do like the black and mint together, I just feel like it is a little boring with the accessories. I was kind of in a rush getting ready and kept it simple with lots of silver - my first ever statement necklace (purchased several years ago), a ring for every finger, and a giant belt (which is actually too big to wear around my waist). Add in some random electronics and cords, a water bottle and photograph and a half and poof, outfit pics. Not exactly background perfection, I know, but my house is a disaster because we have been so busy. (Yes, thank you, Captain Obvious, I could indeed be cleaning rather than blogging and taking totally unnecessary pictures of myself, but where would be the fun in that?)

On a happier note (than my sadly messy house) today's self wants to thank my self from a month ago for sticking with Jillian's 30 days of torture (aka the 30 Day Shred). And not because of my waistline. We took a group of kids to Jump Zone today (basically a big warehouse filled with giant blow-up bounce houses). Last time I took Munchkin through one of those things I was so horribly winded that I couldn't go again. Sad, I know. Today was an entirely different story - while I was crazy hot (warehouses just can't be air conditioned to an acceptable degree when it is 103 outside - just a fact of life in the South), I never got to the point of needing to quit. Awesome. I. felt. awesome. Keeping up with my 3 year old is a huge reason behind my weight loss and exercise program in the first place and I am totally thrilled that it is working. So was the Munchkin who got to play to his heart's content without having to break for mommy to catch her breath. I totally get a mommy of the day award. :) :) :)  

Ok, now that I am done patting myself on the back (seriously, could I be any more narcissistic? I take pictures of myself everyday and now I am singing my own praises. Are you sick of me yet?) hopefully y'all are having as awesome a day as we did. Now I am off to watch some Dr.Who with my beloved.

Night y'all!

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