Monday, July 25, 2011

Manic Mommy Monday

tank: forever21, pants & shoes: thrifted

super embellished top

racy racerback!

Hello, my friends. This is not what I wore today. Whew. Glad to get that off my chest. :) This is actually what I wore for our date night on Friday. It is pretty much the same outfit I wore here, just a slightly more alluring version. :)

So, today was one of those days. You know the ones when your little one turns into Jack Jack from the Incredibles? Fire, lead, laser eyeballs, phasing through walls - you name it. That was my Munchkin today. Not literally. He just was a little on the difficult side. Well, maybe more like a lot. Anywho. We had his three year check up, during which he was an angel and totally cracked his doctor up the entire time. Stinker. Before that we had a potty training incident (he peed in his pants while he was standing in the bathroom - REALLY!!!), flagrant ignoring of instructions, incessant whining, etc, ad nauseum. Then he wanted me to buy him a toy, um, NO. I told him I wasn't very happy with him and we weren't buying toys today anyway. To which he responded, and I quote. 'I'm not berry happy with you either, Mommy!' Yeah. That's my child. Who blew the doctor away because he speaks in full sentences and has the vocabulary of a ten year old. We read too much.

Praise God the day ended on a more peaceful note. We watched the Incredibles (thus the Jack Jack reference) and ate pizza together. He had a ball, mommy had a break, there was peace in my home. Sort of. If you don't count stuff blowing up on the movie. And the Munchkin running around the room with his toy sword yelling about killing the bad guys. And the dog trying to steal the pizza and barking at the Munchkin running around the room. Other than those few minor details, though, a very peaceful evening. I love being a mommy to the precious little stinker God has entrusted to my care, but holy molie am I grateful that days like today are generally pretty rare.

Happy Manic Monday, y'all!

(for obvious reasons I'm thinking this will be my Real Momma, Real Style link up post for this week)


  1. I love that top on you! I'm coming to the conclusion that saturated colors are the way to go with your skin tone. They make you shine! And loving the shoes, too :)

  2. Beautiful & sexy outfit! Perfect for date night!


  3. Beautiful back detail! And don't worry, it's not too racy.


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