Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

tee: target, shorts: walmart, wedges: thrifted

coral jewelry

coral toes

Hello, my friends. Sorry for the pitiful post yesterday. Today is somewhat better. Thank you to my web pals for the sweet comments. And if you are one of my 11 amazing followers - thank you so much for following! I really appreciate your support. :)

So, here's the thing. I've been feeling a little discouraged by the blasted bathroom scale. In spite of the fact that I can tell from my pics that I look slimmer - it stubbornly refuses to move. At all. Bad scale. Anywho. So, I was at Walmart (aka the grocery store if you live in my teeny tiny almost, but not really a town) and looking at shorts. I've been wanting a pair of olive shorts for a while and found these bad boys (girls?). Only problem was they weren't in my size. Boo. So I grabbed a black pair and this pair which is not my size. The black pair, which was my size were too big. Like fall off my hips too big. This pair fit. Perfectly. Ladies - these shorts are a size 6!!! Really? Cause I haven't worn a six since somewhere around 2006. No joke. So, I happily went on merry way. (Convinced, by the way that I had one of those pairs that aren't sized correctly - because I can't wear a six. Really, I can't. The scale says so.) Fast forward to today, I am at my favorite consignment store of all time (I used to babysit the owners kids way back in the day). And I happen upon the most beautiful khaki skirt.

Gorgeous, no? Khaki with a lovely sheen and pockets. I grabbed it to try on. I loved it, but was pretty sure it wasn't going to come home with me because of this.
Yeah, a size six. (cue dramatic music, here, just because) It fit. Perfectly. Now, I am convinced that it is probably supposed to go around the hips instead of around the waist, which is where it fits on me. But the length is perfect and the fabric is gorgeous and it was $13. So. Obviously it came home with me.

Moral of the story. My scale is broken. Or untrustworthy. Or the sizing standards have changed. Or something. I don't know. Whatever it is, it made my day!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Cute outfit. Love the pop of colors with the accessories.

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  2. Cuuuute skirt! Great find!! And do we live in the same town? Cause Wal Mart is pretty much our grocery store where I live, too! lol

  3. Oh, and my advice on the scale is to get rid of it!!


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