Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 24 - VBS and more

tank: target, skirt: gordmans, sandals: payless

IT IS HOT!!! Holy molie, I think the heat index today is somewhere around 112 degrees. Yikes. There is just no way to stay cool when it is this hot. Even the pools feel like bathwater. You can't even take a cold shower because the 'cold' water is warm. Ick. I love summer, but this is a little much.

It is VBS time around here. I am running crafts and was at church yesterday from 9:30 in the morning until almost 9 in the evening with about a fifteen minute break for lunch. Needless to say, we are running on empty right now. Munchkin was there the whole time too with no nap. I don't think the three year old workers appreciated that very much. :) Ooops. Anywho. I guess I'm enjoying it. There isn't a huge crowd - about 10 to 15 per class and they're usually pretty easy to work with. I am just not used to working with children. Teenagers, yes - children? not so much. Eh. Thursday will be here before I know it. :)

So, we really enjoyed Cars 2. Munchkin did great even at the 6:45 showing. His favorite part was Mater and McQueen flying together while McQueen yells "never". He rein-acted it about 74,364 times. I liked the themes about friendship and acceptance. Pixar films seem to do better at really teaching something about real life. I've learned to somewhat despise the 'princess' genre and attitude that seems to be engendered by it. Some of the attitudes I've seen in my nieces and other little girls don't seem very healthy, but maybe that's just me. Anyone else noticed this?

Well, I'm off to shower (again) and maybe nap with the Munchkin (it's too hot to do anything else)! Have a beautiful day, y'all!


  1. Oh no, I hate when summer takes over your entire life; the Mid Atlantic is such a hot mess (excuse the pun) - the humidity is in the 90%'s.

    On to better things - you look so cute! That necklace is lovely!

  2. i really love the contrast between your necklace and top, those are 2 of my favorite colors!


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