Friday, July 22, 2011

Flowers and Babies and Bowling, Oh My!

maxi & sandals: forever 21, belt: thrifted

This is what happens when your three year old takes your pic!

rose gold earrings by me

rose gold sandals by forever 21

This is what I wore for a family movie night! I love this dress. I think it may be the only maxi dress I have ever purchased that didn't have to be hemmed in order to be worn! Yippee! I kind of love the floral dress with the utility belt. What do you think?

On another note, do you think I have enough magnets on my fridge? Hehehe. You can tell I live with a toddler. My cooking theme song is usually the ABC's sung by the LeapFrog magnet. over. and over. :) Nice, huh?

We actually have date plans with another couple tonight. Sans kiddos. Dinner and bowling. Fun, fun. :) This is a fairly rare occurrence in our house. How about y'all, do you get to have date nights very often? If you don't have little ones yet, enjoy your freedom. Having a little one is absolutely worth the freedoms you give up, but take advantage of the time you have before they come. :) And then, when you have them, enjoy that time to the fullest too. Each moment in our lives is unique. These times will never come again. So, enjoy every moment because before we blink our precious babies will be grown. And I'll miss the middle of the night snuggles when he's sick and the raspberries in the middle of the grocery store and talking about his 'hooker' (really a crane or tow truck with a hook) at church. Really, my life has never been more fun or entertaining. Life with my Munchkin priceless and joy-filled and wonderful.

Have a wonderful, beautiful weekend!

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  1. I totally agree with you! Life with the kidlets is crazy and chaotic, but full of sweet moments and memories that I never want to forget.

    Adding the tough belt to the flowery dress was a nice touch!

  2. CC, I think this is my absolute favorite outfit on you yet!! The dress is feminine and beautiful and the shoes are AWESOME (like, I want to go out and get them, but I'm outta money awesome).


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