Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

tee: old navy (obviously), jeans: rue 21, wedges: target

life as a mommy style blogger: outfit pics with toys, toddlers, and cleaning supplies

a lovely, noisy stack of bangles - perfect

somehow the tallest most comfy wedges ever in the whole entire universe

So, now that my lovely 30 for 30 is all done with, it is time to get back to my regularly scheduled programing, beginning with my weekly gratitude posts. This week I am grateful for:
~ my new followers! Welcome. I am so thrilled to have you visit and your comments make my day. :)
~ Good friends, good food, and bowling. Even better when you eat good food and then go bowling with said good friends. without the kiddos. Ahhhh. adult time. During which time the conversation revolved around childbirth and then raising birthed children. Yeah. We're cool like that. :)
~ pretty nail polish. These pics were taken before this weeks mani/pedi session, but you'll get to see it soon.
~ roller skating!!!! Yes, yes, yes. We took a group of kids skating on Thursday and it was so much fun. I grew up in the roller skating generation. I think I learned to skate when I was around 3. That was what you did on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. You went to the skating rink. Now, my hubby and I have been together for 14 years and somehow this Thursday was the first time we went skating together. How is that possible? Why did it take us so long? I think future date nights might involve the skating rink! :)
~ also ice skating (we did both) - which I didn't enjoy as much, but which the Munchkin LOVED. I think this might have something to do with watching Caillou.
~ Shoes. Specifically my wonderful and well-loved shoe collection which has been sadly neglected over the past month. Poor babies.
~ Cheap Shoes. Specifically this beautiful pair of wedges from Target that I spent a whopping $7 on. And they are insanely comfy. Why? They are like five inches tall, but somehow they are miraculously comfy and seriously cute and ridiculously cheap all at the same time! The perfect shoe trifecta here people.
~ As always my precious little Munchkin. Who has at least a bajillion toys to play with, but still finds it necessary to raid my jewelry box and run around in my bangles. Look closely at that second pic. Isn't he silly? Oh, how he makes me smile.

I hope you have had a week full of things to be grateful for!
Happy Saturday!

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  1. white jeans are the best! i just purchased my first pair 3 weeks ago. mine are skinny jeans as well. waiting until it turns spring in sydney to bust them out!~


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