Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetie Bug!

the day my little one came home from the hospital
I am pretty sure the only times I put this little bundle of joy down during the first few weeks of his life were while I was showering, sleeping in my bed, or using the ladies room. He slept on my chest or my hubby's chest all the time. There was just something so thrilling and peaceful about having him sleeping heart to heart. Man I miss those days.

Y'all this precious little bit turns four today. Holy Molie, where the heck did the time go? That moment seems like just a few days ago. Yikes. So, in honor of my little cutie pie, here's a quick look at the last few years. ;)

Warning - cuteness ahead.

with daddy on his 1st birthday - fishy face ;)

2nd birthday party - blues clues themed obviously
3rd birthday party - cars themed

Today's birthday party is Transformers themed. Sort of. Most of the budget went for his gift, more on that later.

I am so blessed and amazed by this truly incredible and precious child. He delights me and amazes me, he makes me laugh and makes me cry. I cannot even express how much I love being his mommy. The joy in him and his accomplishments and the sheer terror of the huge responsibility of raising him right. Wow. Like I said, there just aren't words.

So, wish my Munchkin Bug happy birthday and come back later on in the week for party pics!

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