Friday, June 15, 2012

FBFF: Vacation!

So, the timing on this FBFF is just about perfect. We have been planning a trip to St. Louis with my brother and his family since Christmas. We went last weekend and had a blast. If you haven't been - go. It is incredible.

We stayed together in a cabin at Jellystone - primarily because being together in a cabin worked out better for us two little boys who went bed before we were ready to. We could spend time together after the boys were in bed.

We started out at the Arch, which was amazing and fun. My sister in law has those pics and hasn't posted them for me yet, so you don't get to see. Sorry about that. ;)

We went to Grant's Farm and had a blast seeing animals and feeding baby goats. It was great fun and my kiddo had a blast with the goats, who kept trying to eat everything in sight.
me with the boys on the carousel

my darling boy feeding a baby goat

Me feeding the baby goats

the goats kept trying to eat the flowers on my shoes

We had a picnic in the car and then headed to the City Museum. Wow. Y'all, if you are ever in St. Louis, go to the City Museum. It is the most amazing place ever. We had a ball. It is like a giant playground for all ages. My kiddo had a blast, I had a blast, my hubby had a blast (seriously y'all, a ten story slide was involved). It is just incredible and well worth the $12 admission.

my kiddo in the little ball pit

my hubby, brother, nephew and son in one of the many climbing areas
kiddo and daddy in an antique safe

kiddo by himself in the safe - cutest smile ever

falling in an antique elevator cage ;)

We followed the fun up with a steak dinner and sleep. My brother's family spent the next day at Six Flags, but we had to head home. It was a great weekend and we will definitely be going back.

Have you ever been to St. Louis? Grant's Farm? The City Museum? What did you think?

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