Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Pretty Dress and a Dinosaur

dress: charlotte russe, belt, bag & shoes: target

Munchkin showing off his favorite T-Rex

sqwinty eyes - forgot my sunnies

teal wedges

So apparently my chest is the same color as my dress when in full sun. ;) Nice. Clearly I need a bit of sun. I love the peachy shade of this dress, but for some reason haven't worn since Easter last year. Obviously it needs wearing more than once a year. What do you think?

On another fun note, my belt was way too big. I ended up having to loop it up strangely because it didn't fit. Yippee. I lost about 20 lbs last year and gained it all back over the winter. Ick. So, I had to start all over in Febuary and have lost about 35lbs. More on the hows and such later.

Yesterday was the kiddo's birthday party. He had a blast and got way too much stuff. ;) We kept the party pretty basic and spent most of our budget on his gift. We got him a leappad and he is in love.  He is crazy about our Kindles (which he calls 'candles'), so we figured he needed one of his own. If y'all are interested, I'll do a review on it in a week or two after he's really had time to get used to it.

Hope y'all are having a fabulous week! I'm partying again today at The Pleated Poppy, Transatlantic Blonde and A Little Bit of Laquer!

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