Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Wish List Shopping Update

Happy Thursday, pretty ladies!

As many of you know I am on a jean hunt this fall. I am consigning 7 pairs of jeans/pants that no longer fit. This leaves me with a few pair of pants (including a pair of mint cords from years ago) and two pairs of jeans. So, clearly some shopping was in order. Now, I am also on a massive budget constraint, so cheap is imperative. I also have fit issues. I am petite with a very small waist in comparison to my hips. They don't make jeans for my body type. Seriously. If you knew how many pairs of jeans I have tried on in the last six months, you would cry. No joke. If I find them to fit my hips they are so big in the waist that I have to wear a belt and even then end up yanking them up four thousand times a day. Not fun. And if they fit my waist I can't even get them over my hips. Nice. Frustration city.

Enter jeggings (I hate that word.) Now I am not talking the knit legging type ones, which I do own, but the ones that are pretty much jeans with an elastic waist. (I know. Just writing that I wear jeans with an elastic waist is making me feel way old.) Awesome, y'all. Made for me. And..... I found them at Walmart for $12.

They are insanely comfy, the perfect length and the right price. They are also a heavier stretch denim fabric so I can wear them when it is cold and not freeze. I got them in this blue, black and red and plum. The red and plum ones just came today. They were only available online. This means that I have four pairs of super comfy jeans for under $50. Color me happy.

Still on my wishlist for fall are jeans/cords in pink and teal and a pair of leopard loafers. I am planning on Old Navy for the pink jeans - the $19 rockstars are calling my name and I really like the Hue cord leggings in teal, but will not pay $39 for them. Geez.

So, look for some outfit posts featuring my new denim coming soon. ;)

Do you have denim fit issues? Will you be buying (or have you already bought) colored denim for fall?

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