Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mint Sandal DIY

Y'all, I have been desperately searching for a pair of affordable mint sandals all summer. And I haven't had any luck. None. So, a couple of weeks ago I had a brainstorm. I had a pair of sandals in my get rid of pile and I had mint paint. Clearly I had to try it out. As you can see from the above pictures, it worked marvelously well. I now own a pair of mint sandals that cost me nothing.

This is what I started with. I have owned these sandals for years and rarely wear them because they are really unflattering on my curvy legs. Which is why they were in the donate pile. I started by cutting the middle strip off as well as one of the straps. I was left with a sandal that was much more flattering to my small foot and curvier legs. Then I painted the sandals with three coats of seafoam acrylic paint, let them dry overnight and voila. Fabulous, free, minty sandals. Color me happy.

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