Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 for 30 The Pieces

dress & shoes: target

Here is my last outfit before beginning the 30 for 30. I love this dress, it is so comfy and cool and I really love the hot pink with the mint green accessories. Welcome to my kitchen! :) Sorry, but my living room is drowning in stuff for my husband's trips these next two weeks. He is going to be gone for TWO WEEKS. I am not happy about this, but you deal with what you have to deal with. So, be prepared for the whining cause I'm gonna miss my beloved. Boohoo.

Three toppers: a short sleeve white jacket, short sleeve khaki cardi, and black vest.

Four Dresses: red floral mini, mint maxi dress, light blue mini dress, turquoise silk shift dress.

Four Tops: yellow, purple, and light blue tanks, pink sleeveless blouse.

Five Tees: white tank, hot pink tee, black stripe tee, black tee, grey tee (not pictured).

 Two Skirts: white full mini, olive knit mini.

Five Bottoms: navy silk cargo capris, black linen pants, cutoff jean shorts, white shorts, salmon shorts.

Six Shoes: red sandals, black sandals, teal sandals, navy sandals, silver sandals, nude sandals.

Here they are - my 30 pieces, well actually only 29. I haven't quite decided on the last piece. I'll let you know when I do. :) I have done the pre-work and can put together at least five outfits per bottom and dress, so 30 outfits should be easy. I am excited to see everyone else's items and outfits!

Happy remixing, y'all!


  1. HUBBA HUBBA! HA CHA CHA! (Imagine me wolf-whistling). That pink dress is AH-MAZING. Please wear it a lot! Wowie!

  2. Wow ... LOVE that dress on you! You look amazing :) How creative ... thinking of adding green accessories, LOVE!

    ❤ Cat brideblu


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