Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 16 - Yep, Even More Green

tee: walmart, skirt: target, shoes: payless

So, here you have more green. Is wearing the same color three days in a row bad? I love this skirt - it's kind of like wearing sweatpants. I've always loved the combination of army green and black so this outfit was kind of obvious considering my 30 items. I added some tonally similar jewelry and nude sandals and called it a day. We are looking forward to the holiday weekend and traveling to see family. What are your holiday plans? Before the little ones started school our big family get together was Memorial Day, but in recent years we've had to move to the 4th since the kiddos are still in school. My little Munchkin is pretty excited about spending time with his cousins. He is at the stage where he loves playing with other kids. It is so fun to watch him. :)

Tomorrow we have a water park trip planned and for the first time in years I am not dreading being  seen in my swimsuit! I am so excited. I am still about 15 to 20 pounds from my goal, and honestly am just maintaining through the summer. There is just too much going on. I am still doing the 30 day shred although I have missed several days. I am beginning to notice a lot more muscle tone and the scale has stayed put even though I have been eating stuff I shouldn't. :) Truthfully, I have no idea what day I am on and will probably just continue using the video. I like that a 20 minute workout is giving me such great results as compared to 50 minutes at the gym (plus the cost of the gym membership).

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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  1. i adore these colours together! this next summer, which starts around november or december i want to try and get some shorts and capris in that colour green~

    i love using that ribbon as the belt, great feminine detail!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!


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