Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 2 - The Tee Shirt Switcheroo

tee & shorts: walmart, sandals: icing

replacement tee: rue 21

Here is outfit #2! The first outfit pictured was a fallback outfit last year. I think I wore it about a million times. I just love the grey and white with the teal accessories. However, I apparently wore the tee shirt out. I discovered a hole halfway through the day. I also feel like it isn't particularly flattering now that I've lost weight. So, I changed it out for a more fitted style. I'm sorry, but I can't spend 30 days wearing a shirt with a hole in it! :) I still love the shirt, I guess it will just have to move into the exercise drawer, now. It actually used to fit across the hips and only be loose up top. As much as I hate to lose a shirt I love, this actually makes me happy!

Good news on the Shredding front - I got back to my workout last night. Even moved up to level 2. Oddly enough, I actually prefer the level 2 workout to the level 1. Those stupid jumping jacks are murder on my knees though! Anyone else having that problem?

I miss my hubby. I'll leave it at that for today. Hope y'all are having a wonderful week!

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