Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Basic Black Maxi Skirt

Oddly enough for such a basic piece, this maxi skirt is a bit of a closet orphan. I haven't worn it in ages. I love it and it makes me happy every time I put it on because it belonged to my beloved Grammy. Which totally cracks me up, because my Grammy was two inches shorter than I am. She had to wear it up around her ribs in order for it to not drag on the floor. ;) It is a little on the tight side around the hips, so I prefer to wear it with a longer top. And stand sideways for photos. ;) That helps. 

So, now for the challenge. Do you have any closet orphans that really qualify as basics?  Why don't you wear them?  Can you build at least 3 (although my personal number is 5) outfits with that piece?  If you are interested, whether you are doing the shopping ban or not, I would love to have you link up your closet orphan with me next Thursday. I will be building 5 outfits with this skirt.

See you next Thursday!

Linking up with Rolled Up Pretty, The Pleated Poppy and Rae Gun Wear.

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