Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Everybody, Everywear: Boots

It's Everybody, Everywear time again. This month's theme is boots. So. Here is my boots outfit. Everything but the necklace is thrifted. The necklace was brought to me from Africa by a friend. It spent years as a decoration in my room and has only been worn in the last year or so. Statement necklaces weren't really the thing back in the early nineties when I received it. Now, however, it is the perfect finishing touch to a bright fall outfit. As a bonus, my kiddo loves the little animals. I love it when my jewelry entertains my kid.

Speaking of my kiddo, he is doing much better. He's been fever free for a little over 24 hours and actually played yesterday. Y'all when a four year old doesn't want to play you know he's really sick. I am so glad he is on the mend now. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.

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  1. I like your necklace & wearing it with pink turtleneck is way cool! XD Can you please tell me what the animal is top right? From left, bottom, up right, I see: giraffe; leopard; rhino; huge zebra (wowie!); elephant (?); lion and what is that last one top right?? A sitting Egyptian dog? A llama? a goat? Not very safari, LOL I can't figure out that one, help? Thanks in advance!!!


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