Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday - on Friday

chambray top: cato, skirt: old navy, flats: dillards (old)

rose gold arm party/ watch: cato, bracelets: ayami
Happy Friday, friends! Hope y'all have had an awesome week. ;) Since I did my Linky party yesterday, I am doing my Thankful Thursday post today. The linky party will be open until the end of the month, so be sure to link up any remix posts you have! Now, on to the gratitude.
First up, I am thankful for awesome sales and clearance. As many of you know, at least 90% of my wardrobe is either thrifted or clearance. Wanna know why? This green corduroy skirt from old navy is currently on sale for around $25 online. I found it in the store for $6.49. Seriously. It is stretchy and comfy and the prettiest shade of green. (In case you were wondering, it was purchased before my shopping ban.) So, sales equal awesome in my book. 

I am also weirdly thankful for pinterest right now.  I have been having a blast finding inspiration for fun Christmas stuff and gift ideas for my family. I have already gotten the supplies do make several of the gifts for the people on my list. So much fun. I have a ton of fun things pinned for the holiday season and I am really looking forward to making them happen. 
Pie. Yep. Pie deserves a category all it's own. I will be making (and consuming) an apple pie and a pumpkin pie for our church potluck on Sunday. Then another pair for our family Thanksgiving dinner. Yum. I am so going to need to diet when the holidays are over, but for right now, I am going to enjoy the foods I love and time with the people I love.

And finally, I am so grateful that my little guy is feeling better. This bout with pneumonia is the sickest he has ever been and it was pretty scary for the first couple of days. Once the fever broke, he was up and around, but still hyper and irritable (typical behavior for him only when he is sick). I kept him out of school until today to be on the safe side, but we were about to drive each other crazy. ;) Thank God for his grandparents who took him for several hours yesterday to give me a break. My in laws are awesome. Just sayin'.

What are you thankful for this week?

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