Friday, November 2, 2012

Shopping Ban Thoughts

Not much to say about this outfit. I've worn it about four times now. It is super comfy while still feeling chic enough for anything. The red jeans will be on heavy rotation I'm sure as will this top which will be perfect for layering as the weather continues to cool.

So, y'all I have had something on my mind lately. It started with Peggy's post on consumerism. Then the following day I heard a message on the radio about teaching our kids to be givers rather than takers. In the same way all of the lessons in the Bible on giving are not because God wants or needs our money but because He wants us to learn to be givers rather than takers. Of course, I was nodding my head thinking about how I want my kiddo to find more joy in giving gifts and time and love than in receiving. Then I had one of those moments when I was like, 'am I leading by example?' And it totally hit me that I'm not. While it is never in large amounts because we just don't have much, I spend way too much money on myself. I have also been spending a lot of time on Go Chic or Go Home lately putting together outfits for fall and winter. And y'all, I have 407 ensembles. And I'm not even done with my inspiration photos. Clearly I have enough.

So, if one of my goals as a parent is to teach my kiddo an attitude of gratitude so to speak, then shouldn't I be living it? If I am continually buying new things, I am not modeling contentment and gratitude for what I have. And ouch, sometimes being a parent hurts. If what I teach my son isn't modeled by my life it will have little impact on him.

In light of the above and because finances are really tight right now, I am going on a shopping ban until my birthday. (December 13) My goal is learn to be content with what I have. And to spend the time I would normally spend shopping doing other more important things. Obviously replacing holey tights would be an exception, but other than that I will not be shopping (or even looking at) any clothing, shoes or accessories until mid December.

If anyone would like to join me, let me know in the comments. Maybe we can do a linky party from time to time.

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