Friday, November 9, 2012

Hearts and Boots and Swaps, OH MY!

It's the weekend, y'all! I realize that this comes as a complete surprise to most of you and so I thought I'd let you know. ;)  I am actually pretty pleased with this outfit. With one teeny tiny exception. The boots. I love the color and the style and the price. I thrifted them for $15 back in the summer and realized upon wearing them that I was so excited to find them that I didn't pay attention to the fit. Y'all these things are about two sizes too big. I felt like I had on clown shoes all day. Crazy. Anywho. Once the ban is over, I will be on the lookout for a better fitting pair of tan/cognac boots. (I will also have birthday money to spend on them which means I can get a decent pair.)

Now then, on to other things. I mentioned in an earlier post the possibility of organizing an online clothing swap as part of my shopping ban. So here's the thing. There will definitely be some organization to go in to it. If you are interested in participating, I will need you to let me know in the comments so that I have some idea of how many people are interested. Next week I will have you begin emailing me with your information (sizes and amount of clothing and accessories you will be adding to the swap).  I am still working on the logistics so if you have any ideas or have done this before, please feel free to help me out! ;)

Hope y'all have an amazing weekend!

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Outfit Details:
cardi: walmart (2009)
blouse: charlotte russe (2009)
khakis: walmart (2010)
boots: thrifted (2012)

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