Friday, November 23, 2012

Monochromatic Grey

So, perhaps this isn't the most exciting outfit ever. Grey tee, grey skirt, grey flats, grey necklace. But. It was comfy. And my necklace was sparkly, so there is that, right? I will be spending today decorating my house for Christmas. I will not be spending today shopping. I have to admit I have never been big on Black Friday. The deals are just not worth the crowds to me. I prefer to have my shopping done before Thanksgiving so I can just enjoy the holiday season. This year we are making a lot of our gifts, so there will be more work involved, but the supplies have already been purchased. Truthfully I will be avoided any shopping destination until after Christmas (with the possible exception of my birthday!).

Are you a hardcore Black Friday shopper? Or would you rather be doing anything other than fighting the crowds?

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